We're a literary magazine (sort of). The kind of thing you wouldn't want your grandmother to read. There is no such thing as censorship, and this online mag aims to show the world that. We believe creativity should serve itself and the earth, and it should in some way better it...even if that means making someone crack a smile or giving someone something to think about. We want to give our readers what they don't know they want to read...and when they read it, they've been given a new perspective on the world.

Whether they want it or not.

We take pride in having a very short response time, and showcasing as many writers as possible in the most personal way possible.

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  1. Hi Ryan. Loved Issue 1. I posted about it on my underused blog getalifekent.blogspot.com.


  2. I just read issue 5. Great source for those who live outside the norm. It is refreshing to find literary works that are powerful and compelling. Thank you for giving us something different and meaningful.

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you'll keep reading!

  3. Like the new background of the blogspot.